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friends of the orcas island library

FRIENDS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

September, 2015

Welcome to the Friends Corner

Hi Friends –

Another Library Fair has come and gone from Orcas Island. We enjoyed the 2015 Fair and are already having thoughts for the 2016 Fair. Thanks, many thanks, to the volunteers who helped set up the tables and tents, brought the books from the storage unit, set the books out on the tables, cashiered, kept the tables straightened and then reversed the process by putting the remaining books back into boxes, loading them onto trucks and dismantling the tables and sawhorses and returning them to where they live.

Many people were involved with the creation and execution of the Library Fair and our thanks goes out to them for another job well done!

The Library also thanks our community as well since they (the Library that is…) are the reason for and the recipient of the profit from this annual fund-raising event.

Friends continue to accept donations for our next book sale which will be this winter. We usually have the sale at the school and in 2016 it will be in the newly remodeled building which will give all of us another good reason to attend!

ANNOUNCEMENT: September is our month for the Annual Meeting of Friends. The purpose of the meeting is to gather the membership and elect officers. The Board will come with a slate of names to vote on and this part is usually quite efficient and quick. Please put this on your calendars for Sunday, September 20th at the Library from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

In addition to the business of electing the officers, we will be offering coffee and chocolate as well as a speaker. This year we are excited and pleased that our speaker will be Rick Hughes! Please join us for this short and important gathering.


Your Board,
Lynn Carter, Tim Lunde, Kathy Mordris, Elane Phipps, Anjie Reagles, Jean Soderquist, Jim Wiemeyer, Sandy Wilson, Leif.

Contact the Library or any Friends member about joining the Friends Board, and about the many different volunteer opportunities.


  • To establish and maintain an association of persons interested in a public library on Orcas Island;
  • To focus public attention on and develop public support for the Library;
  • To encourage and receive gifts, endowments, and bequests for the Library;
  • To conduct fund raising activities for the benefit of the Library and to manage funds at its disposal for the benefit of the Library;
  • To support and cooperate with the library in developing services for the community; and
  • To stimulate more extensive use of the Library's resources.

Areas of Interest

  • Endowment Fund
  • Capital Improvement Fund Children's Services
  • Community Awareness Collection Development
  • Technology Landscaping, Furnishings & Building Enhancement
  • Staff & Volunteer Staff Training
  • Freedom to Read

Annual Events & Activities

  • The Friends Corner — Online Newsletter
  • Winter Book Sale — Smaller book sale held in February
  • Library Fair — Art auction, silent auction, book sale, crafts and food booths, music, quilt raffle

Officers of the Board

  • President — Tim Lunde
  • Vice President — Elane Phipps
  • Secretary — Jean Soderquist
  • Treasurer — Lynn Carter

Committees & Chairs

  • Book Sale — Library Fair: vacant
  • Book Sale — Winter: vacant
  • Holiday Tea Chair: Jean Soderquist
  • Library Fair Chair: James Lobdell
  • Booths: Tim Lunde
  • Quilt: vacant
  • Property Coordinator: James Lobdell
  • Traffic Control: James Lobdell
  • Publicity/Media Chair: vacant
  • Library Representative : Phil Heikkinen

Friends of the Orcas Island Library Board

Lynn Carter — Treasurer
45 Waldron View Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4287
Email Lynn

P. O. Box 1893 Eastsound WA 98245
Email Leif

James Lobdell
45 Waldron View Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4287
Email James

Tim Lunde — President
5178 Orcas Road Eastsound WA 98245 206-399-7657
Email Tim

Kathy Morris
478 Old Pottery Road Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-5599
Email Kathy

Elane Phipps — Vice-President
170 Montgomery Lane Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-8131
Email Elane

Anjie Reagles
P.O. Box 1766 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4006
Email Anjie

Carol & Jerry Salvas
P.O. Box 50 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4190
Email Carol

Jean Soderquist — Secretary
P.O. Box 50 Eastsound WA 98245 360-376-4190
Email Jean

Jim Wiemeyer
P.O. Box 266 Orcas WA 98280 360-376-5358
Email Jim

Sandy Wilson
P.O. Box 339 Deer Harbor WA 98243 360-376-4524
Email Sandy